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Attention Rotator Cuff Pain Sufferers, Free Event For You

New Rotator Cuff Workshop Reveals How to
Get Back to Normal Without Medications,
Injections and Surgery



Wednesday, December 28th

5:00 PM
Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists
9178 Highland Rd. Suite 2, White Lake, MI 48386

***Because of space limitations, this event is limited to the first 20 people who sign up...

Go to the Rotator Cuff Pain Workshop and Learn:


The Single Worst Position to Sleep in That Causes BIG Problems in the Shoulder and Rotator Cuff...


The #1 Biggest Mistake People Suffering with Shoulder Pain Make Which Surprisingly Can Lead to Rotator Cuff Surgery...


The Common Causes of Rotator Cuff Problems...


The Top 3 Exercises for the Rotator Cuff


Spots are limited and will go fast. Reserve your spot now!

Phil Schuyten

Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists

Who is the Workshop For?

The Rotator Cuff Workshop is for people suffering with shoulder pain who are looking to feel normal again and heal naturally without medications, injections and surgery.

Do you have shoulder pain when you:


Reach up high?


Lift something heavy?


Reach behind your back?


Sleep at night?


Reach into the back seat?


Do work around the house or yard?


Get dressed?

What Do Others Have To Say About The Rotator Cuff Pain Workshop?

"During an annual follow up to my family practitioner, I described to my doctor the pain in the joint of my right shoulder that was keeping me up at night. I thought that he would refer me to a surgeon for a MRI and potential surgery, since I had already had surgery on my left shoulder several years ago for a similar condition. Instead of referring me to a surgeon, he suggested that I try physical therapy with Jeff at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists. Knowing the pain that is associated with shoulder surgery, I agreed to give it a try. Jeff was able to diagnose my condition and lay out a plan of exercises to relieve or eliminate my shoulder pain. I worked with Jeff for the first two weeks before moving to Emily, another physical therapist, due to my own scheduling conflicts. Emily continued with Jeff's original plan and routinely adjusted my physical therapy as my shoulder pain began to diminish. By the end of the third week of therapy, my pain was reduced enough for me to sleep through the night, and by the end of week six, my pain was virtually gone. On those rare occasions when I get a minor flair in my right shoulder, I've also learned exercises that I can do at home to alleviate my pain. The outcome from going to physical therapy at Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists was much better than enduring another shoulder surgery, and I'm very glad that my doctor referred me to the team at PPTS."

Joe Ringer

"I knew it was time to do something when my shoulder started keeping me up at night. No matter what I did, I couldn't get comfortable. After PT, I am sleeping pain free."

Roy S.

"I'm an avid golfer, but my rotator cuff tear was keeping me from playing. PT not only alleviated my pain, but also taught me conditioning to help prevent further injury. No surgery necessary. What a relief!"

Theresa C.

We have limited spots available that will fill up fast, so sign up now to avoid missing out.